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Crescent Hill Books is a book producer. This means we are hired by large publishing houses to handle all aspects of book publishing except sales and distribution. (In our opinion, this means we get to do all the fun stuff.)

All ‘packaged’ books have one thing in common: They are complicated projects to put together. Because of this, large publishing firms often don't have the time or the staff to handle the labor-intensive and time-consuming book production process. Many rely on book producers to deliver a finished product on time and within budget.

We work with authors, photographers, designers and printers to create high quality, heavily illustrated books, which are then distributed by large publishing companies.

Book packagers fill many different niches and each has its own area of expertise. At Crescent Hill Books, our genre of choice is design ~ both graphic design & advertising, as well as interior design.

Crescent Hill Books is a full service book producer, meaning we work with publishers from the early concept development stage all the way through to delivery of bound books.

Crescent Hill Books is a member of the American Book Producers Association.
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